Mersey Drive Community Primary School, Whitefield, Greater Manchester, M45 8LN

0161 766 6298

Mersey Drive Community Primary School

With Foundation Stage & Enhanced ASC Provision


Meet the staff at Mersey Drive;

Miss A Ridley - Headteacher

Mrs N Jayson - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Marriott-Moncrieffe - Assistant Headteacher


Miss S Jackson - Nursery Teacher

Mrs C Marriott-Moncrieffe - Assistant Headteacher / Reception Teacher

Mrs J Ramsden - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Haughton -Teaching Assistant

Miss E Booth - Teaching Assistant

Miss E Cope - Teaching Assistant

Class 1
Mrs C Boyd - Teacher (Maternity) / Miss Thompson (Cover)

Mrs N Steadman - Teaching Assistant

Class 2

Mrs K Fielden - Teacher

Mrs D McGwynn - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Munnelly - Teaching Assistant

Class 3

Mr A Marlor - Teacher

Miss J Ryan - Teaching Assistant

Class 4

Miss E Coe - Teacher

Mrs M Corcoran - Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Gjergji - Teaching Assistant

Miss V Lloyd - Teaching Assistant

Class 5

Mr J Donnelly - Teacher

Mrs S Alotia - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Humphries - Teaching Assistant

Class 6

Mrs N Jayson - Deputy Head Teacher / Year 6 Teacher

Mrs T Clarke - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Young - Teaching Assistant

ASC Provision

Miss Jane Mechen - Teacher In Charge Of ASC Provision / Arches Teacher

Miss L Yates - Arches Teacher

Ms D Rankine - Bridges Teacher

Mrs C Chapman - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Lee- Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Cartledge - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Ball - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Spence - Teaching Assistant


Mrs L James - Accelerated Learning Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Wilcox - Learning Mentor

Mrs D Binns - Teacher

Mrs J Hutchinson - SENCO (Maternity) / Miss R Rainford (Cover)


Mr J Henstock - School Business Manager

Mrs A Danvenport - Clerical Assistant


Mr D Corkill - Site Manager

Mrs L Graham - Cleaner


Mrs D Hamilton - Kitchen Supervisor

Mrs C Campbell - Catering Assistant

Miss M Bromley- Catering Assistant

Mrs P Neilsen / Mrs G Carbert - Catering Assistant


Mrs G Simms - Mid Day Supervisor

Mrs E Hopkinson - Mid Day Supervisor

Mrs J Harper - Mid Day Supervisor