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Welcome to the Year 3 class page.

Year 3 – Homework - What on earth happened?

You must choose at least 1 piece of homework to complete each week and this MUST be returned to school each Thursday.

You can win house points so try your best, be creative and have fun too!! :)


Homework is due on:









Can you write the names of 5 volcanoes around the world? (Research using google)

Can you draw a volcano and label the different parts?

Can you create a poster explaining what to do should in an Earthquake?


Can you create a 3d volcano using recycled materials?


Can you find pictures of different natural disasters? E.g volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis.   Cut out some photographs of them and make a collage.




Calculate how many miles it is from Manchester to:        - Mount Etna

- Mount St Helens

- Any other volcano around the world.


Can you create a poster teaching children how to stay safe online?

Imagine you are in the middle of an Earthquake. Can you write a short diary entry describing your day?

Can you create a PowerPoint explaining how one type on natural disaster occurs?

Igneous rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. Can you find the names of 6 igneous rocks?



Please tick and date each project when you have completed it.

You can also email homework to and we can print it off in school.

Long term plan & curriculum overview for Autumn 1