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Welcome to the Year 5 class page.

Year 5 Homework - How cool are polar bears?

You must choose at least 1 piece of homework to complete each week and this must be returned to school each Thursday.


You can win house points so try your best, be creative and have fun too!! :)

Homework is due on:









Draw a map of your route to or from school. Add habitat symbols to your route, and mark on any animals that you notice on the way, not forgetting that humans are also animals!

Make your own Fact File card – about your pet or another animal of your choice.

Write a letter to the visitors to the zoo from the point of view of the animals… how might they be feeling? Do you think they like to live in the zoo? If not, why not?

Write a review of the zoo, what did you think? What could they improve? What was your favourite part? Why?


How many different habitats can you think of? Cut out some photographs of habitats and make a collage.






Calculate how many miles it is from Manchester to:        -Savannah Desert

- Amazon Rainforest

- Antarctica


Watch Blue Planet on iPlayer and write a fact file on one of the sea creatures featured. (Walrus’s are a good one!)

Research about an explorer! For instance:

Robert-Falcon Scott

Ed Stafford

Design your own zoo layout grouping the animals of the same class near one another.

Print or draw a world map and label where Mersey Drive Primary school is and some different habitats



Please tick and date each project when you have completed it.

You can also email homework to and we can print it off in school.




Long term plan

Curriculum Overview - Autumn 1

Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2