Whitefield Children's Centre Hub

A Children’s Centre Hub is a venue where a range of services are offered to families with children aged 0 – 5. Children’s Centre Services can be accessed from Pregnancy until the child turns five. There is no charge to register with your local Children Centre

There are five Children’s Centre Hubs and three Children’s Centre Spokes in Bury.

The Whitefield Hub is based next door to Ribble Drive Primary School, near to the Whitefield Metro Link Station and in close proximity to local parks. 

They are a small but very friendly team who endeavour to support families with in our local community by providing exciting sessions and courses to meet individual needs.

Services include:

Health Services:

  • Pregnant women can receive their ante-natal care from the Ante Natal Clinics in a local Children’s Centre.
  • Parents can also get their babies weighed and see the Health Visitor at the Baby Clinics that operate from Children Centres.
  • Parents can get free family vitamins (if they are eligible) from their local Children Centre
  • Breast feeding support sessions and groups operate from all Children Centres.

Play and stay Sessions

There is a small charge of £1.50 per family to attend play and stay sessions. We also operate a discreet fee waiver system for families who may need it.

Outreach Support

Each Children Centre operates an Outreach Service which offers support in the home.  Contact your local Centre to find out more.

Parenting Support

A variety of parenting support is available to parents and carers.  Courses such as Family First Aid, ESOL, Home Safety as well as other Adult Learning courses are delivered from Children Centres. Parents can self refer or be referred by a professional onto a course. Contact your local Centre to find out more.  Parenting Support Clinics are also delivered from Children Centres where parents can access support and advice.


To learn more or contact the Centre:

Telephone: 0161 253 5077

Address: Ribble Drive, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 8TD

The Bury Directory: Whitefield Children's Centre Hub

E-mail: whitefieldhub@bury.gov.uk

Facebook: Whitefield Children's Centre Hub

Twitter: @Whitefield_Hub